You have brought to life a home that has ​gone through such pain.”

Our Proven Process

  • Discovery Call
  • Consultation
  • Proposal
  • Concept Creation
  • Refining Details
  • Flawless Execution

"Ali was there for me for the entire ​process, from conception to ​completion. His vision transformed my ​entire first floor into a modern and ​comfortable space for me to entertain ​friends and also enjoy on my own."

- A.ndrew

Process ​in Depth

  • Discovery Call (approx. 15 minutes):
    • An initial discussion to define project goals, expectations, and key considerations.
    • Address specific questions to tailor my services to your project.
  • Two-Part Consultation:
    • Part 1 (On-site, up to 1 hour):
      • In-person visit to your home to gather your vision, pain points, and aspirations for the space.
    • Part 2 (Presentation, up to 1 hour):
      • Develop actionable suggestions based on your input.
      • Return with design ideas that enhance the emotional connection and functionality of your space.
  • Concept Design:
    • Craft a design concept that guides the project direction.
    • Introduce preliminary ideas, colors, textures, and budget considerations to align with your preferences.
  • Detailed Design:
    • Finalize Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) selections.
    • Present a comprehensive vision of your transformed space, emphasizing emotional impact and practicality.
  • Purchasing and Procurement:
    • Initiate behind-the-scenes work, coordinating with trade professionals.
    • Prompt decision-making accelerates project timelines.
  • Project Management:
    • If desired, I offer comprehensive project management services.
    • Streamline communication between you and all involved trades, ensuring a smooth transformation process.
  • Installation:
    • Witness the culmination of my creativity and attention to detail as your space comes to life.
    • Meticulous installation adds the finishing touches, reflecting your personality and style.
  • Other Services:
    • For those seeking partial transformations or specific design assistance:
      • "Designer by Your Side" services provide dedicated one-on-one consultation throughout the day.

Concept design

Mood Board & Concept Statement

Visual and written representations of the desired aesthetic and style.

Room Design and Space Planning:

Floor Plan & Traffic Flow: Detailed layout indicating furniture arrangement ​and traffic flow to optimize functionality and spatial organization.

Furniture Design and Selection:

Tailored furniture designs and carefully curated selections that align with ​the design concept while meeting functional requirements and budget ​considerations.

Materials Selection

(e.g., wallpaper, paint, flooring):

Selection of materials based on physical samples, ensuring harmony with ​the overall design.

Custom Window Treatment:

Recommendations for window treatments considering style preferences ​and light control needs, including fabric samples

Detailed design

Final Material Selections:

Selection of materials for finishes such as flooring, wall ​coverings, countertops, and cabinetry, ensuring ​aesthetic cohesion and functional suitability.

Lighting Plans:

Detailed lighting layout indicating fixture placement, ​lighting types (ambient, task, accent), and lighting ​controls to achieve desired illumination levels and ​mood.

FF&E Specifications

(Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment):

Detailed specifications for all FF&E items, including ​furniture, plumbing fixtures, appliances, decorative ​accessories, and artwork, ensuring accurate ​procurement and installation.


Drawings depicting vertical views of walls, cabinetry, ​and built-in elements, providing detailed information ​on dimensions, materials, and design features.

Visual Renderings:

Creation of 2D or 3D renderings depicting the ​proposed design concept, providing clients with ​realistic visualizations of the space before ​implementation.

Implementation Documentation:

Preparation of comprehensive documentation, including schedules, ​drawings, and specifications, to guide contractors and tradespeople ​during the implementation phase.

Custom Millwork Design:

Design and detailing of custom millwork elements such as built-in ​cabinetry, shelving, and architectural features, tailored to fit the ​specific requirements of the space.

Interior Detailing:

Development of detailed drawings and specifications for interior ​architectural details such as trim work, moldings, and decorative ​accents, enhancing the overall design aesthetic.

Hardware Selection:

Specification of hardware items such as door handles, knobs, hinges, ​and drawer pulls, ensuring functional and aesthetic alignment with ​the design concept.